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Skylights with ventilation function


  • Roof skylights provide convenient lighting and even distribution of daylight

  • Popular application of skylights is spot lighting of workstations located directly under the skylight

  • Skylights with ventilation function enable natural ventilation of the rooms in which they are installed

  • Application of skylights helps to minimise electricity costs

  • They have a wide application in large facilities, as they can effectively replace traditional windows

The skylight upstand:

  • Made of galvanised steel sheet min. 1.25 mm thick (straight or slanted upstand 150 mm, 350 mm, 500 mm, or 750 mm high). The upstand should be insulated with a layer of mineral wool, polystyrene or PIR foam 40 mm thick.

  • Made of PVC (straight upstand 200 mm high or slant upstand 150 mm or 300 mm high). The upstand does not require insulation because it is insulated with a layer of expanded polystyrene. 


Compensation frame:

Once the upstand is fixed and finished, the special cut-outs in its corners enable easy snap-fit mounting of the PVC compensation frame.


Hinged cover:

The hinged cover consists of a frame and a cover . The cover can be made of cellular polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, or acrylic glass. Additionally, the cover can be made in the form of a dome (acrylic glass or solid polycarbonate) or flat (cellular polycarbonate). The cellular polycarbonate cover can be made in NRO classification. The frame is made of PVC or aluminium profile. It is secured around the whole perimeter with gaskets preventing water from getting inside.




The following opening systems are used in skylights to ventilate facilities:

  • A manual screw opener  (with a detachable crank) with the spindle extension length of 300 mm

  • 230 V electric actuator with the spindle extension length of 300 mm or 500 mm and ventilation buttons

  • 24 V electric actuator

  • Skylights are made in dimensions ranging from 60 cm x 60 cm up to 200 cm x 300 cm in various dimensions

  • DL 750 – downward load resistance up to 750 N/m2

  • UL 1500 – upward load resistance up to 1500 N/m2

  • SB 300 – soft and heavy body impact

  • 1.1-2.5 W/m2K - heat transfer coefficient for the entire product. The coefficient value depends on the choice of cover and upstand variants

  • Cover made of polycarbonate 21 mm, 27 mm, or 33 mm thick in accordance with the NRO/Broof (t1) requirements

  • Skylight can be equipped with an  anti-fall grate and/or mosquito net

  • Skylight can be equipped with anti-fall  grab bars

  • Inner side of the upstand can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette



Continuous rooflights

Continuous rooflights

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  • The use of continuous rooflights allows to reduce the need for artificial lighting and thus greatly reduces the electricity bills.

  • Continuous rooflights can be equipped with a ventilation flap providing natural ventilation of facilities.

  • They are widely used in large-scale facilities, i.e., production halls, logistics centres, warehouses, sports facilities, high-rise warehouses, and shopping centres.

  • Continuous rooflights can be equipped with a smoke vent for smoke extraction.

  • They can be made in two variants: triangular or arched.
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