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Świetliki dachowe
Dachowe pasma świetlne
Klapy dymowe
Wyłazy dachowe
Serwis i montaż

Roof skylights

Continuous rooflights

Smoke vents

Roof hatches

Service and installation

Fixed skylights


  • Roof skylights provide convenient lighting and even distribution of daylight

  • Popular application of skylights is spot lighting of workstations located directly under the skylight

  • Application of skylights helps to minimise electricity costs

The skylight upstand:

  • Made of galvanised steel sheet min. 1.25 mm thick (straight or slant 150 mm, 350 mm, 500 mm, or 750 mm high). The upstand should be insulated with a layer of mineral wool, polystyrene or PIR foam 40 mm thick.

  • Made of  PVC (straight upstand 200 mm high or slant 150 mm or 300 mm high). The upstand does not require insulation because it is insulated with a layer of expanded polystyrene.


Compensation frame:

Once the upstand is fitted and finished, the special cut-outs in its corners enable easy snap-fit mounting of the PVC compensation frame.


Skylight cover:

The cover can be made of cellular polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, or acrylic glass. The cover comes in two variants: transparent or milky.  Additionally, the cover can be made in the form of a dome (acrylic glass or solid polycarbonate) or flat (cellular polycarbonate). The cellular polycarbonate cover  can be made in Broof (t1)/NRO classification.

  • Skylights are made in dimensions ranging from 60 cm x 60 cm up to 200 cm x 300 cm in various dimensions

  • DL 750 – downward load resistance up to 750 N/m2

  • UL 1500 – upward load resistance up to 1500 N/m2

  • SB 300 – soft and heavy body impact

  • 1.1-2.5W/m2K – heat transfer coefficient for the entire product. The coefficient value depends on the choice of cover and base variants

  • Cover made of polycarbonate 21 mm, 27 mm, or 33 mm thick in accordance with the NRO/Broof (t1) requirements

  • Skylight can be equipped with fall protection grids

  • Skylight can be equipped with anti-grab bars

  • Possibility to use an additional E30/EI30 partition

  • Inner side of the upstand can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette