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The systems we offer are fully certified. They are constructed in compliance with all standards and legal requirements. Moreover, they are durable and provide reliable solutions because we pay utmost attention to the quality of all structural elements.


We can offer not only our products, but their assembly, repair, or modernisation, too. Additionally, we offer warranty, post-warranty, and maintenance services of our installations. Our employees are a team of professionals who advise on the right choice of particular systems, purchase, delivery, installation, and maintenance. 

Roof skylights

Roof skylights are widely used in various types of facilities. They are mainly used in large-scale facilities, such as production halls or warehouses. They can be successfully employed in sports halls or to illuminate passageways. Letting the natural sunlight into the interior of a facility allows to save on electricity costs.

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Continuous rooflights

Continuous rooflights are long and light-transmitting surfaces mounted in roofs. They are mounted above the roof surface. Their purpose is to illuminate the usable areas with natural light. They are used in various buildings and industrial halls. The sunlight coming through continuous rooflights is evenly distributed inside facilities. It is a perfect complement or substitute of window lighting 

Smoke vents

Smoke vents are a particularly important part of the roof system. Their main purpose is to extract smoke when a fire occurs. They are also used to remove other life and health threatening fumes created in a fire. The smoke vent cover is made of a material that lets the sunlight in. It provides additional lighting to a facility. That way smoke vents function as skylights, too.

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Roof hatches

The construction of roof hatches resembles skylights. They are mounted above in the roof surface of a facility. The y provide access to the roof area. Moreover, they can serve as skylights providing more natural daylight.