Skylights ensure optimal and uniform daylighting of rooms - they provide additional light to that which enters through windows. However, they are often the only source of day light in the room. Use of roof Skylights guarantee economical and health benefits. AWAK offers various daylight methods through skylights installed in a flat roof.

For industrial buildings like: warehouses, shopping or manufacturing halls, we recommend the use of continous skylights (Arcades) systems that located above the traffic routes or locations that require bright illumination, allow to reduce the need for artificial light.

For rooms where it is required to ensure uniform lighting, the best solution is a spot skylight with transparent dome.

However, for location where good look is important, e.g., in offices, conference rooms, etc., we propose conference Skylights that provides an effect of tuned, dissipated light. Conference Skylights is a typical skydome from the roof side, but from inside it is finished with suspended plafond.

Available shapes of domes:

  • rectangular
  • circular
  • square
  • pyramidal
  • spherical

Examples of application for smoke flaps, roof access and skydomes


1. Fire Ventilator with pneumatic or electric control - opening angle 140°.
2. Thermal-trip or smoke detector for electric system.
3. Alarm box for pneumatic control (manual opening of smoke flaps).
4. Pneumatic or electric system 24 V DC.
5. Fire Ventilator with electric control for stair cases - opening angle 90° or 140°.
6. Control unit 24V DC.
7. Venting button.
8. Smoke removal alarm button.
9. Smoke detector.
10. Roof access.
11. Non-opened skydome.

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